Maddie's Current Titles with Stormy Night Publications

Sweet Series: 

Three sassy, spirited women meet the loves of their lives, all romantic, loving, yet innately dominant men. Personalities clash, as do broad palms with bare bottoms in this contemporary romance series that contains drama, intrigue and erotic elements including domestic discipline and BDSM themes.     

Pleasure Bay:

Escape to this BDSM-themed island in the Carribean for a weekend of kinky play,

as well as intrigue, danger, and plenty of romance. 

Stand Alones    


The Jackson Brothers:

Maddie's #1 US and International Bestselling

Western and Time-Travel series

Escape to the old west, to the Wyoming Territory, still a new and often unruly frontier, where dangers abound.  Meet three bothers: Aaron, Heath, and Luke Jackson, sons of a strong, hardworking, upstanding man - albeit a rather old-fashioned one -  who puts family above all else, even if it means taking his boys to the woodshed, or when necessary, his wife over his knee. He raises his sons to be the same way.  These are their stories..



Holiday Romance    

“You’re awful cute in your borrowed clothes,” he drawled as he raised his hands to his collar and began unbuttoning his shirt.  Inch by slow inch, he revealed a muscular chest and smoothed tanned skin everywhere except for a line of dark hair starting just below his navel. It continued downward, past a mouthwateringly defined set of abs and  disappeared behind the waistband of his jeans.

He was her fantasy man come to life, only better because this one she could reach out and touch.

With the placket undone, Aaron shrugged the linen from his broad shoulders. When he tossed the shirt aside, he hooked his thumbs into his belt, and reclined against the sink again.

“It’s your turn, honey,” he said in a deep, sexy rumbled. “Why don’t you take off that shirt and let me do some admiring of my own?”

She’d been caught staring again and was surprised this time, she hadn’t been drooling as well. Instantly, her face blazed with heat so fiery, she worried she might spontaneously combust right there at his feet. That would surely ruin their wedding night—and that’s what this was—wasn’t it? Something that seemed unbelievable—like everything else in her life, of late.

He studied every nook and cranny, lingering on her breasts, his eyes trailing slowly down her belly until they came to rest on the curls that guarded her sex. After several long minutes of his heated regard, she felt sure she would burst into flames, so intent was his scrutiny.

“Heath, please, surely this isn’t proper.”

With a small smile, his eyes snapped back to hers. “I’m sorry, darlin’, proper or not you’ll have to get used to my eyes on you. Now that I’ve seen you naked, I’ll want to gorge myself on your beautiful body every day.”

Her eyes squeezed shut and her hands flew up to her burning cheeks. “The things you say. Dear lord!”

He chuckled. “You’ll have to get used to that too, I’m afraid. Ah, but it seems I forgot something.”

“What?” she asked hesitantly, almost afraid to find out what he would say or do next.

“These go too.” One hand pulled off a shoe as the other stripped down her garter and hose. The other leg was bared in the same manner. Once she was completely undressed, only then did he answer the question she’d long ago asked and since forgotten. “We’ll sleep, after I’ve made you my wife in truth.”

“Are you all right?”

“I don’t know.” Too shaken from the near drowning to be sure at the moment, she spoke the truth.

“You’re talking, which means you’re breathing, that’s a good sign.”

Looking up—as near as he was, this meant way, way up—she took in his concern, the frown, the gathered dark brows, and the worried eyes that were searching her face. Vaguely, she noticed his hat was missing as the rain pelted directly into his face.

“Does anything hurt?”

She took stock for a second. Amazingly, nothing did. She shook her head.

“Are you certain? You didn’t hit your head or anything? No cuts, bruises, broken bones?”

“No. It’s a miracle,” she breathed, “but I’m okay.”

“You’re fit to ride?”

“I believe I am—”

“Then you’re coming home with me.”

“No, I’m leaving,” she bit out.

“No, you’re not,” he shot back. “Now, we can do this the easy, dignified way with me taking you on my lap and you riding back in a ladylike fashion. Or, you can fight me on this and ride to the stable face down over my saddle horn like a sack of potatoes. Either way, the outcome will be the same.”