A waft of cold air swept over her when he opened one of the heavy double doors. The overwhelming aroma of leather and beeswax accompanied it, mixed with a faint, though the unmistakable smell of sweat, which she found to be raw and erotic, and, surprisingly, not unpleasant at all. 

Master T bent his head to murmur close to her ear. “That is the scent of sex and submission, darlin’. The nectar of the Gods, or in this case of the Decadence Masters.” 

With a chuckle, he swept her inside. The door closing behind her cut off the late afternoon sun. When her eyes adjusted to the change in lighting, the nondescript lobby surprised her. And, she’d expected to hear the discordant sounds of heavy metal, the crack of a whip, or screams. Instead, she was treated to an instrumental version of a classic rock ballad. 

She listened carefully and identified Bad Company’s, Ready for Love. The music, the rather bland décor, even the conservatively dressed young woman working behind the reception counter was anticlimactic. 

Val glanced up, her brows raised in question. 

“Did you think to find naked women writhing to Nine Inch Nails in the lobby?” 

“Honestly? Yes.” 

He laughed. “Don’t be disappointed; the stripping and orgies come later once the party is in full swing.”

He gave her an outrageous wink and pulled her farther inside. 


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