Welcome to Happy Hour

 where the refreshments are sweet, sometimes tart, come with a little kick, and usually a lime wedge, an orange slice, and sometimes an umbrella. And, you must be 21 to partake. 


If you've read any of my contemporary stories, you may have noticed I like quirky secondary characters, and they are often my heroine's best friend(s). Every girl needs a bestie who is a confidante and will tell you when you need to get your head out of your as-, um, the clouds over a man. Whether sitting at a restaurant dishing on the new man in her life, or at a club, picking his bones clean, a girl needs her best friend(s). When I'm writing, I often imagine one of the heroine's BFF sitting on her should in her LBD (little black dress) with a martini glass raised to her perfectly lined lips, whispering warnings in her heroine's ear, pointing out BS when it is being spewed, or simply telling her to"Jump her man's bones, 

'cause girl, he is HAWT!" 

I thought you might enjoy recipes to a few of my favorite cocktails that have made their way into my books.  


Not sure how to salt or sugar a rim, click the lemon drop to watch it on YouTube.


Coming soon, Maddie's favorite Sangria...

Have a favorite cocktail, libation, or concoction?

Send me the recipe and you may see it here or in a Maddie Taylor romance coming to a Kindle near you.  :)