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Hot Alien Alert!!!

Two worlds in crisis.

Two missions that must be fulfilled,

but at what price?

Primarian Mates, Maddie's bestselling sci-fi series, is now available under one cover.  Get all 4 books, over 2000 pages at over half off the cover price, or read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

In a distant galaxy, under twin suns and a purple sky, a team of Earth scientists explores a jungle planet hopeful they have a last found a suitable home for their people.  Set upon by aliens they soon learn these warriors aren't quite what they seem. They have a mission of their own and the female scientists who are remarkably like them, are much too tempting to ignore.




One people, divided by treachery and greed.
A fiery warlord, as ruthless as he is honorable.
An ethereal princess, as beautiful as she is loyal to her people.
Though as different as fire and ice, they are drawn together by an intensely intimate connection

This pair of unlikely lovers wields the power to mend the rift between their worlds, but an unknown entity wants her dead. Can he keep her safe while uncovering the insidious murderous threat? Or will it wrench them apart and bring their people to the brink of war, yet again.


More than a Dom to command her submission, she needs a stern yet loving Daddy to set it free.


Newlyweds Aiden and Amanda Montgomery aren't short on ambition or passion. Between work and play, life is pretty intense for them both. As Aiden introduces Amanda to the lifestyle, things promise to get even hotter.

But when Aiden semses his bride is hesitant to surrender herself fully to him, he'll stop at nothing even resorting to tough love to earn her complete trust. Can a long, steamy weekend where Aiden is in total control convince Mandy her groom can also be her forever Daddy?



Maddie's NEW contemporary Daddy Dom series!


Put a little spice in your life with a

Maddie Taylor Romance!

With more than 50 published works in ebooks, print, and audio awared winning author Maddie Taylor has reached #1 in the states and internationally in sci-fi, comtemporary, western, and historical romance, and can be found frequently on Amazon's top 100 bestselling romance lists. 


She's fallen for both her dominant bosses.  Luckily, these delicious daddies won't make her choose.M


Erica is in deep trouble. After a costly mistake - one she can't believe she made - she must confess to her two bosses at D&G construction and face the consequences. Most employees would be fired on the spot, but when it comes to Erica, Daniel and Grayson are more likely to take their naughty girl over their knees for a bare-bottom lesson she won't soon forget. Fortunately, their unconditional love for her, combined with an eleventh-hour solution to save the company, means these two daddies can make it all better by having their wicked ways with her. 

But something about the fiasco just doesn't add up. Although everything points to Erica's guilt, she's confident that it wasn't entirely her fault. And this little girl won't rest until she proves her innocence and reclaims her daddies' trust. 



Sheriff Sam Golden has three rules for his submissive. No sassin', no cussin', and always obey Daddy. 


Krist Evans knows exactly how cruel life can be. When she was twelve she lost her dad to war. Then her mother disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. Her heart has been broken, her money stolen, and she's had more than one run-in with the law. What the girl needs is a break. She just can't seem to catch one.

Sheriff Samuel Golden is a lonely man with nothing but work to fill his time. So when he busts a pretty young blonde in the midst of a therft, he's tempted by his immediate attraction to her. She's guilty as sin despite her protests to the contrary, but Sam can sense there's a lost little girl inside her who just needs to be taught right from wrong.

In lieu of jail, Sam agrees to take Krista in hand for thirty days for some bare bottom rehabilitation. But when their obvious chemistry becomes unavoidable, Sam will have to choose: resist the lure of the girl who so desperately needs a stern-yet-loving daddy, or banish the ghosts of his past.